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Outsourcing Can Increase Profitability and Risk

Canada’s mining, energy, industrial machinery, and pharmaceutical sectors are major contributors to the national economy, employing hundreds of..
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The Legalization of Cannabis: Are you ready?

Since October 17, 2018, across Canada, the legalization of cannabis brings major changes to businesses, no matter their field of activity...
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6 Ways Technology Helps you Better Manage Outsourcing

Words like digitalization, Industry 4.0, cloud computing and the Internet of Things are quickly making their way into our everyday language. Articles..
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Introducing Zero Harm: 7 Key insights to consider in creating a safer workplace for contractors

Contractor safety is an important subject in many industries. From mining to energy to pharmaceuticals, creating a safe workplace for contractors is..
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Health & Safety at the Executive Level: Board liability

Over the last decade, the issue of sustainability has been propelled into focus. Increasingly, the public is demanding a higher environmental and..
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Keeping Miners Safe, in Canada and Abroad

A vital part of Canada’s resource-based economy, mining contributes nearly $53 billion to the GDP and accounts for more than 20% of Canadian goods..
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Top 8 Innovations in Mining

Technology is completely transforming sectors, and disrupting entire business models. The impact of these technological and process changes are..
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The Future of Labour: The rise and risk of contract work

Advantages of Hiring Contractors Contract and temporary labour is on the rise and offer many quantitative and qualitative benefits. Using contract..
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Safety in the Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry: A digital revolution

Canada’s pulp and paper industry directly employs more than 61,000 workers, generates $3.5 billion in wages and salaries(1), and yields more than $17..
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Why favour a responsive Web application over a native mobile application?

When developing software, there are a multitude of elements to consider. One all important element is to ensure that your product provides for..
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