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Keeping Miners Safe, in Canada and Abroad

A vital part of Canada’s resource-based economy, mining contributes nearly $53 billion to the GDP and accounts for more than 20% of Canadian goods..
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Top 8 Innovations in Mining

Technology is completely transforming sectors, and disrupting entire business models. The impact of these technological and process changes are..
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The Future of Labour: The rise and risk of contract work

Advantages of Hiring Contractors Contract and temporary labour is on the rise and offer many quantitative and qualitative benefits. Using contract..
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Safety in the Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry: A digital revolution

Canada’s pulp and paper industry directly employs more than 61,000 workers, generates $3.5 billion in wages and salaries(1), and yields more than..
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Why favour a responsive Web application over a native mobile application?

When developing software, there are a multitude of elements to consider. One all important element is to ensure that your product provides for..
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Best Practices for Hiring Contractors

Regardless of the sector of activity in which your company operates, there comes a time when you need to hire an external contractor.
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Modernizing Workplace Laws to Protect Contractors

Workplaces are changing. Organizations are increasingly relying more on contractors to do non-core functions. Digitization has developed radically..
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Time to Use Technology to Keep People Safe at Work

Every 15 seconds, 160 workers around the world are injured from work-related accidents; one of them will die from the resulting injuries or..
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Contractor Management in the Telecommunication Industry

As we become more connected in our daily lives, the demand for communication antenna continues to grow. With more Canadians than ever using..
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Outsourcing: The case for workforce management software

You are thinking ahead to the weekend and planning how best to recover from a challenging week. You need to clear your mind, perhaps by allowing..
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