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Cognibox announces back-to-work tools to help companies reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19

Cogniboxisofferingto its members,client corporationsandcontractors, as well asany other company in needin Quebec and Ontario,multiple..
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Cognibox offering free COVID-19 resources to help companies weather the pandemic

Cognibox is offering their client corporations, contractors and any other company in need, free training and qualification materials as part of its..
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Cognibox Response to COVID-19

Like the rest of the world, at Cognibox, we are closely monitoring the developments of the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus). As an impassioned..
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Thanks to Cognibox, Davie can manage contractor compliance rigorously and efficiently

Following multiple contract announcements, including the maintenance project for Canadian frigates, Davie has mandated Cognibox to ensure the quality..
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Cognibox President Becomes First Canadian Member of U.S. National Safety Council

Cognibox is pleased to announce that Chantal Trépanier, President and Chief Strategy Officer, has been named to the National Safety Council (NSC)..
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Cognibox and Vector Solutions Announce Partnership to Distribute Convergence Training

The partnership will bring more than 300 courses to thousands of contractors in Canada and the US
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Cognibox to Exhibit at the National Safety Council (NSC) 2019 Congress & Expo in San Diego

The 2019 National Safety Council (NSC) 2019 Congress & Expo will be held September 6-12 in San Diego, California. The NSC Congress & Expo is the..
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Cognibox is speaker at CSSE 2019 Professional Development Conference

The CSSE 2019 Professional Development Conference will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba from September 22-25, 2019. Each year Occupational Health and..
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Kronos Canada Inc. chooses Cognibox to manage contractors efficiently, cost-effectively and securely

Kronos Canada Inc. now manages the qualification of its contractors with Cognibox. Thanks to its efficient and user-friendly modules, this solution..
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Ocean Spray’s Quebec division, Atoka Cranberries Inc., is moving forward with the implementation of Cognibox

Atoka Cranberries Inc. (Ocean Spray Manseau) chooses Cognibox to optimize the management of each contractor performing work on their site.
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