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Cognibox and Vector Solutions Announce Partnership to Distribute Convergence Training


The partnership will bring more than 300 courses to thousands of contractors in Canada and the US

Cognibox and Vector Solutions are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership to distribute the Convergence Training catalogue to Cognibox clients in Canada and the United States. The partnership will integrate more than 300 Convergence Training courses in health and safety and industrial maintenance into Cognibox’s existing e-learning platform.


With technology playing an increasingly critical role in contractor training and management, companies need to adopt digital solutions to ensure they remain relevant in today’s competitive landscape. The Cognibox-Vector partnership brings together significant skills in e-learning, training, performance management, education development and delivery, and compliance administration to help clients manage contractors, mitigate risk and, ultimately, achieve success.

“Vector Solutions’ focus on mobile, intelligent solutions that deliver real-time training to optimize employee performance is a perfect fit for our Learning Management Software,” says Georges Karam, CEO of Cognibox. “Partnering with Vector Solutions on the distribution of Convergence Training will allow us continue to deliver exceptional monitoring, training, and compliance tools to our clients.”

“Cognibox’s understanding of complex digital contractor management needs and its well-developed e-learning platform make it a natural partner for our expansion into Canada,” says Jeff Gordon, CEO of Vector Solutions. “Cutting-edge technology like the 3D modeling used in Vector’s Convergence Training courses brings topics to life, allowing organizations to improve safety, reduce risk, and optimize performance. Whether it’s providing visibility to hidden or microscopic machine parts or creating scenarios that could otherwise risk safety, these courses convey complex information and processes.”

The partnership will facilitate the certification of contractors’ employees with a simple click, directly in Cognibox. Cognibox and Vector Solutions will also embark on joint marketing and sales efforts to grow both businesses.


Vector Solutions

Vector Solutions, a leader in eLearning and performance support, provides award-winning SaaS solutions for the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), industrial, facilities management, public safety, IT and education industries. Its brands, RedVector-Convergence Training, TargetSolutions, and SafeSchools, deliver continuing education (CE), training, technology and performance management solutions using the latest innovations in learning and technology to create safer, more capable, more compliant organizations. Its extensive online and mobile learning library offers approximately 9,000 courses written by over 280 subject matter experts and reaches over 10 million professionals worldwide. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. For more information, visit VectorSolutions.com.

Convergence Training

Convergence Training is an award-winning producer of online training, training management software, and operational efficiency tools, specializing in 3D and animation content delivery. With a focus on mining, pulp and paper, general industry, and manufacturing, the company currently offers more than 750 courses to over 400 clients, including 50 Fortune 500 companies. For more information on Convergence Training’s eLearning content, compliance software, and online training courses, please visit ConvergenceTraining.com.


A Canadian leader in risk management and contractor compliance, Cognibox offers one of the most flexible and comprehensive solutions on the market. Over 125 customers in North America use Cognibox to manage contractor risks specific to their sector of activity. The company’s solution provides a combination of expertise, software and training, as well as a full spectrum of outsourcing services and administrative support. The Cognibox community currently boasts over 200 000 members, contractors and employees of contractors, enabling hiring organizations to work with top industry contractors and suppliers in areas such as workplace health and safety, the environment, sustainable development, quality and regulatory compliance.

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