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Cognibox announces back-to-work tools to help companies reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19

Cognibox is offering to its members, client corporations and contractors, as well as any other company in need in Quebec and Ontario, multiple resources to help minimize the risk of propagating COVID-19 upon the return to work. 

QUEBEC, April 30, 2020 – Cognibox, a leader in risk management and contractor compliance, has been executing its plan to provide Coronavirus-related training, qualification and screening resources to its clients, their contractors and employees, as well as any interested and in-need organizations around the globe since the beginning of the crisis, and with the gradual reopening of the economy, have now extended their offerings to include back-to-work tools for health and safety. The resources include a training focused on best practices, preparatory measures and rule implementation, a questionnaire to measure preparedness and to suggest best practices for idea development and protocol, a daily audit and checklist to assess work site adherence and a daily screening of each employee to evaluate their contamination risk prior to them arriving on-site. 

‘‘At Cognibox, we want to do everything in our power to help businesses adapt to the new reality of these trying times. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the exit of this worldwide health catastrophe seems so far away, and even though there is still a long road ahead, we are not far from the day where non-essential businesses will have to resume operations for their survival and their country’s economic sustainability,’’ said Georges Karam, CEO of Cognibox. ‘Being a company that works in health and safety, it is important to us to continue to develop tools to help minimize the insurgence of COVID-19 cases once businesses resume operations.  Our mission is to also bring as much ease and comfort possible to our consumers who are dealing with not only personal Coronavirus-related stress, but additional discomfort in returning to work during this crisis,’’ added Karam.

Although Cognibox’s COVID-19 efforts, which range from trainings, screening and qualification questionnaires, webinars, a video series about the importance of maintaining relationships with consumers and employees during a crisis, and the new back-to-work tools, are diverse in execution and content, they have all been developed with one goal in mind; to help consumers fight the uncontrollable hardships caused by this current pandemic and its unpredictable future. 

To learn more about Cognibox’s back-to-work tools to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, please visit: https://www.cognibox.com/en/back-to-work-tools-covid-19

You can also contact us at: covid19@cognibox.com

About Cognibox

Cognibox develops end-to-end solutions for training, contractor management, and employee compliance. Our products and services connect businesses by facilitating the relationship between contractors and client corporations. We help organizations worldwide—like Finkl Steel, Rio Tinto, and Alcoa—focus on their core business by providing greater control over their daily operations.

Cognibox CMS is a flexible cloud-based contractor Compliance Management System. This modular solution allows for the efficient and cost-effective management of contractor compliance from pre-selection all the way to performance evaluation.

Cognibox LMS is a web-based, integrated Learning Management System that centrally manages the training, skills, work procedures, and professional requirements for all employees.

Cognibox OTP is an Online Training Platform that offers everything required, including an extensive course catalogue, to create and deliver effective training.


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