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6 Reasons to Convert Your Induction Training Into E-Learning

Communicating the hazards and risks present in your business is mandatory in order to comply with your duty of due diligence referred to in..
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Succession Planning Essential in Sustaining a Safety Culture

Integrating contractors into a safety culture is already difficult. The ongoing retirement and loss of experienced individuals who can provide..
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The Legalization of Cannabis: Are you ready?

Since October 17, 2018, across Canada, the legalization of cannabis brings major changes to businesses, no matter their field of activity...
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Introducing Zero Harm: 7 Key insights to consider in creating a safer workplace for contractors

Contractor safety is an important subject in many industries. From mining to energy to pharmaceuticals, creating a safe workplace for contractors..
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Health & Safety at the Executive Level: Board liability

Over the last decade, the issue of sustainability has been propelled into focus. Increasingly, the public is demanding a higher environmental and..
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