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Understanding the Challenges of Outsourcing

Be it for reasons of profitability, strategic planning or to manage tight scheduling deadlines, increasing numbers of companies are turning to..
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The Journey to Zero Workplace Accidents: Managing contractors is the key

Canada has made huge strides in keeping workers safe, but there is still work to do to reach our shared goal of zero workplace accidents,..
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Top 5 Tips to Help Reduce Supplier Risks & Accidents​

Almost a quarter of a million people miss work due to workplace injuries each year in Canada More and more companies rely on suppliers to deliver..
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What are the Benefits of Subcontracting?

These days, it’s not unusual for companies to make use of subcontracting, which is defined as the contractual process by which a prime contractor..
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3 Types of OHS Risks Related to Outsourcing

In February 2016, a man seriously injured his arm while doing the maintenance on a moving ramp of a subway station. He later succumbed to his..
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