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Contractor Management in the Telecommunication Industry

As we become more connected in our daily lives, the demand for communication antenna continues to grow. With more Canadians than ever using wireless..
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Outsourcing: The case for workforce management software

You are thinking ahead to the weekend and planning how best to recover from a challenging week. You need to clear your mind, perhaps by allowing..
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Contractor Management: Internal or external?

Your company outsources work to ever increasing numbers of external contractors. Over time, you have developed your own system for managing..
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6 Tips to Convince Your Boss to Start Using Cognibox

The time has come, and you are ready! Having analysed your company’s situation, contractor management needs and various solutions available in the..
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Outsourcing: Benefit or risk for your organization?

Outsourcing offers a wealth of benefits by enabling businesses to increase operating capacity and tap into supplemental expertise that they would..
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Contractor Management System: Expense or investment?

For many businesses, the decision to implement a contractor compliance management system (CCMS) occurs the day a company realizes that contractor..
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Outsourcing Management Software: How to Choose the Right One

Outsourcing Management Software: How to choose the right one

Nowadays, outsourcing or contractor management is often not an activity that can be carried out manually or using a simple Excel file. The move to an..
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Do You Have the Tools to Make Contractor Safety Your Priority?

Your company acknowledges the necessity of efficiently managing the risks associated with contractor management. To do so, you have equipped yourself..
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10 Key Points to Consider When Searching for a Contractor

Your company needs to develop technical expertise and you are wavering between internal proficiency training and recourse to an external contractor...
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7 Tips to Improve Outsourcing Management in Your Company

Ever increasing numbers of companies like yours are contracting out part of their production or hiring contractors to carry out peripheral..
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