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Outsourcing: The case for workforce management software

You are thinking ahead to the weekend and planning how best to recover from a challenging week. You need to clear your mind, perhaps by allowing yourself to be entertained by a movie.

So you decide to pay a visit to your local video club. Or not! Rather you turn on the television and begin browsing through the films on offer via your video on demand service. You search by genre, actor and director, and then check out suggestions based on your viewing history, paying particular attention to the number of stars awarded the films by viewers.

Nowadays, you count on technology to help you choose a film. So, why would you elect to do otherwise in your professional life? Following are six arguments substantiating recourse to labor outsourcing management software.


Focus on Technology

For the same reasons that film aficionados are deserting video clubs in droves, ever increasing numbers of serious businesses are trading their Excel files for specialized contractor management tools. And what are these reasons, you ask? Efficiency and customization, essentially.

Labor outsourcing management software such as Cognibox comes replete with all the modules that your company requires. The basic package, albeit fully adapted to your needs, can be customized to enhance performance even more.

Then there is the powerful search tool. With this tool, you can quickly locate manpower with the requisite skills and expertise, individuals familiar with your industry and located close by for maximum efficiency.

Labor outsourcing management systems such as Cognibox also provide for important gains, gains which can take on a number of different forms.

First off, these tools include evaluation and classification modules which enable businesses to rate and classify contractors based on a standardized system. Other members of your organization can then consult these ratings and classifications.

Using a computerized tool, a business having maintenance, engineering and property management services each of which independently outsources to external contractors would be able to share the same resources. This provides for savings when negotiating the likes of volume discounts and ensures a certain degree of uniformity across company ranks.


Cloud on the Horizon: Long live the cloud!

For several years now, cloud-based solutions have continued to multiply in number... and for good reason. These solutions enable you to access your tools and documents from any location using just about any computer medium. No longer do you have to transfer files via e‑mail or carry them around with you on a USB key.

What is more, all company employees tasked with contractor supervision enjoy access to the same files at the same time. They can also make changes as required without any fear of overriding the work of a fellow colleague. A huge leap forward!


The Joy of Delegating

If you are currently using an Excel spreadsheet and macros created to automate certain activities, you know just how arduous contractor management can prove. Indeed, to avoid reprimands and penalties, you need to expend enormous energy and discipline consistently ensuring that all contractor documents, certifications and permits are current and compliant.

But what if we were to tell you that when you use a computerized software package, it is the contractors themselves who are responsible for updating system information and documents? To ensure that all contractors do so properly and on time, the software support team forwards reminders to delinquent firms and conducts follow-ups with your company so that you can take action as required.

What would you do with all the time thus saved? You could take the time to update company orientation sessions, improve company programs and processes, and conduct onsite checks with workers to ascertain potential risks and institute necessary remedial action.


Responsiveness at Your Fingertips

During routine checks, there are undoubtedly times when you come upon seemingly hazardous operations or inadequate working methods. What do you do? You no doubt proffer a verbal warning to workers and continue on your way. At best, you take notes and then, when you return to your workstation, you enter your findings in a paper or computerized file.

With workforce management software such as Cognibox, you can conduct your onsite checks, tablet in hand, and access each individual worker’s file in real time. You can then check to see that each employee is properly certified and has completed all requisite training.


Knowledge Within Reach

Continuing based on the foregoing, what would you normally do were you to discover that a worker had not completed all mandatory training? Best practices would dictate that you send the worker home until such time as necessary training had been completed. In the real world, that would slow production and raise the ire of your project manager. You may therefore be tempted to do nothing at all, knowing that there might be a price to pay.

However, with the proper contractor management tool, you could simply offer the non‑compliant worker your tablet and instruct him or her to complete requisite training using the online training module. An hour later, the individual would be back on the job and poised to carry out all work assigned in a safe, compliant manner.


In recent years, much has changed in the field of contractor management. Increasing numbers of companies are choosing evolutive technology to remain competitive in their markets, without compromising either product or service quality.

Over and above machines per se, cloud-based solutions provide for gains in efficiency by automating certain processes.

If you believe that contractor management software could benefit your company, you will want to read this article on choosing the right solution.

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