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Charismatic and Empathetic - Valérie Cormier is a manager who genuinely cares

For the penultimate feature in our International Women’s month series, we headed over to the customer experience department to speak with Valérie Cormier, Cognibox’s Contractor Qualification Team Manager.

Valérie has an infectious optimism that spreads to every member of her team, and even to other departments. She has a genuine conviction in the work she does, and her positive attitude acts as an inspiration to the entire customer experience department. If you need support on Cognibox products and services, Valérie will go above and beyond to make sure you get the assistance you need.

We asked Aline Beaurepaire, Cognibox’s Quality Control Validation Manager and Valérie’s colleague, what it was like to work with her:

“I’ve known Valérie since she began at Cognibox. We worked next to each other and her energetic aura immediately rubbed off on me. Valérie is a charismatic and empathetic manager. Her team is extremely loyal to her - she’s the type of person you would follow into Hell. I certainly would.’’


How did your professional journey lead you to Cognibox?

My professional career has been full of interesting opportunities and significant achievement.

Whichever stage of my career I was in, I’ve always felt it was the right place and right time for that experience.

I started work in the restaurant industry, which taught me organization, multitasking, teamwork, and hospitality. I’ve brought these skills to every job I’ve worked since.

I studied tourism, which led me into the field of event planning and coordination. I loved it! After that I experienced a huge change - my partner got a job opportunity in the North with an indigenous community. It was supposed to be a one year contract, but we ended up staying for eleven! It was the experience of a lifetime. I worked there as a substitute teacher - it had a huge impact on my approach to work and taught me many skills I’ve applied to future positions. 
I joined Cognibox almost five years ago, and I knew right away it would be a perfect fit. I started as a customer success specialist but have since become the team manager.


Do you think there’s a stereotype attached to female managers?

I think it’s gotten a lot better than it was a few years ago. Old stereotypes say that women are too emotional, too busy with their family to be strong leaders. It’s a belief that’s becoming less common, but there’s still lots of work to do.

The hardest thing to hear - and something I certainly don’t believe - is that women have a different vision or approach to leadership than men. Every person is different, there are no definitive rules.


Why do we need more women in leadership?

I’m a mother of two daughters and I want them to have female role models in leadership positions everywhere.

I also think women tend to have a more inclusive approach to teamwork and encourage open communication and discussion in the workplace. Women I have met in leadership roles have been loyal and shown integrity toward their teams.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been guided by some incredible women in my professional career.

Michelle Obama once said, “success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's lives.” It’s advice I’ve applied to my own career.


Could you tell us about a work achievement that makes you proud?

I’m proud to say that my entire career has been atypical, and that there have been multiple times where I was taken out of my comfort zone. I’ve always taken these experiences as opportunities to learn, to improve, and to evolve.

I’m also appreciative that I can show my daughters that they can have both a meaningful professional career and home life. While there are always challenges in both, they are also full of enriching experiences.


What is your favorite part about working at Cognibox?

Without a doubt, it’s the people that surround me. I could complete the type of work I do anywhere, but it wouldn’t be the same without the unique team I lead. Even with remote work, we’ve maintained our chemistry, engagement, and development.


In our previous entries in this series you can learn about Rose, Marie-Hélène, and Chantale, three women making a huge impact at Cognibox.

In our final instalment, we profile Sylvie Lamarre, a member of our finance team - you don’t want to miss it!

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