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A Solution for the Agri-Food Industry: After Agropur, it’s Ultima Foods’ Turn to Choose Cognibox

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After becoming Quebec’s point of reference for contractors’ qualification and management in the metallurgic industry, after conquering the majority of the mining market and, more recently, the pulp and paper industry, Cognibox is on its way to become the point of reference for the management and qualification of contractors in the agri-food industry as well. Following the recent announcement of Agropur’s signature, it is now Ultima Foods, manufacturer of Iögo products, to join the Cognibox contract suppliers’ community.

In fact, Ultima Foods provides itself with an efficient management tool to ensure the respect, by their service contractors, of rigorous norms in terms of responsibility, health and safety, environment, regulation and administration. To achieve this, Ultima Foods will rely on the Cognibox™ online suite and on the expertise offered by SIM. From now on, in order to perform work at any Ultima Foods’ yogurt production installations, service contractors will have to be previously approved through the Cognibox system.

« We are very proud to make our mark in the agri-food industry, where legal constraints in relation with health and hygiene are so high. Our world-class solution is now part of the most demanding industries, such as agri-food, aerospace and metallurgy and this is only the beginning, since more important announcements are to come » says Chantal Trépanier, CEO at SIM.


Cognibox is an online management system used by major international corporations to manage the qualification of their contractors. Thanks to its multiple features, Cognibox gathers together over 6 000 contractors and 150 000 employees. Cognibox stands as an optimization tool for health and safety requirements, as well as environment, quality, productivity and general performance of contractors. Cognibox is a registered trandemark of SIM.

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