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Welcome to Cognibox in 2020

A new decade brings renewal, rejuvenation, and a chance for discovery. At Cognibox, as 2020 began, we were immersed in redefining our mission and vision.

Under new executive direction for about a half-year, discussions of future projects, expectations and goals were commingled with the thoughts of who we are currently are and who we wanted to become. As a company with a strong passion for technology, and compliance and risk management, we take pride in our prior successes, as well as learnings, in innovation and client relationship management. We prioritize adaptability and work with heart and patience.

As our new direction began to take shape, the world experienced the beginnings of what is now our new normal, a global pandemic. Our instinct was to help in any and every way that we could. Offering a resource center complete with free resources to help educate, prepare and survive a crisis, along with webinars and tools to help companies thrive in their necessary and scary returns back to work, has brought us even more clarity regarding our purpose, where we want to go and who, as a brand and as people, we want to be.

We have always placed much importance on flexibility, and now more than ever, we need to be focused on learning, helping, and continuing to create and offer products to keep others healthy and safe. The last few months have brought the notions of connection, simplification, and joy to the forefront. It is time to keep it simple and find solutions to challenges that we can control, like compliance and an ever-evolving workforce. It is time to find enjoyment in simple things, like color or a tool that can provide convenience and peace of mind. It has been said that when the ground, or in a more romantic situation a heart, breaks, the cracks give an opportunity for light to come in. We went in search of that brightness.

As our mindsets aligned on a new corporate mission and vision, a consensus was also reached on what we wanted to stand for. Our values. Transparency. When the cards, or in this case the global economy, are down, you are stripped of your advantages and judged on what is left. We plan to stay honest and have open and uncomfortable conversations when needed. We will act, with an open heart and an open mind, in all aspects of our lives. Excellence. Whether professionally, communally, or individually, we will strive for greatness in all aspects of our lives. All aspects of our lives. And your lives.

Welcome to Cognibox in 2020. Your partner in workforce compliance.

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