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Go Back to Work Safely with New Cognibox Resource

Written by Marie-Eve Levasseur, Cognibox Training Manager May 26, 2020

As the current pandemic rages on and an unknown future looms, soon non-essential businesses will have to resume operations for their survival and their country’s economic sustainability. In addition to dealing with personal Coronavirus-related stress, we will be facing additional discomfort with the potential health risks associated with returning to work. Until a proper vaccine is created and administered to the population, feelings of uncertainty and caution will plague us and affect our comfortability in the workplace.

Although we will be returning to familiar settings, we will be entering with fresh, and unfortunately, weary eyes. Memory-filled conference rooms that once sat 12 and stood 25, will now be looked at for meetings of 4 to 6 people, with each scrounging to the outermost corner at a minimum distance of 6 feet. Full cafeteria tables and water coolers where breaks were shared and welcome distractions and confidences were enjoyed will now be a thing of the past, at least for the foreseeable future. It will be a new normal and a big change. Adaptability is typically considered to be a redeemable quality in an employee, but how comfortable will people be to adapt when there are life or death consequences at stake.

At Cognibox, as a company that works in health and safety, our mission has always been to do everything in our power to help, first and foremost. During these trying times, we want to help businesses adapt to this new reality. Throughout this crisis, we have been providing COVID-19-related training, qualification and screening resources to our clients, their contractors and employees, as well as any interested and in-need organizations around the globe. Now, with the gradual reopening of the economy, we have developed multiple resources to help minimize the insurgence of COVID-19 cases associated to the return to work. This tool is available to our members, client corporations and contractors, as well as any other company in-need in Quebec and Ontario.

These back-to-work resources include:

  • A training focused on best practices, preparatory measures and rule implementation
  • A questionnaire to measure preparedness and to suggest best practices for idea development and protocol
  • A daily audit and checklist to assess work site adherence
  • A daily screening of each employee to evaluate their contamination risk prior to them arriving on-site

Our goal with this tool is to help bring comfort and ease to an uncontrollable situation. Although this crisis has afflicted us for only two months, the physical, emotional and psychological ramifications will continue to haunt us for months or years to come. We spend most of our lives at work, and people will be more cognizant than ever about personal space and how their daily exchanges can affect the health of the family and friends that they interact with outside of work. Our 4-step Back-to-Work resource will hopefully bring solace to those who are hesitant to return to work. Feeling safe is engrained in us from the very beginning as we develop into a fetus and now more than ever, every little tip or tool helps.

To learn more about Cognibox’s back-to-work tool to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, please visit: 

You can also contact us at: covid19@cognibox.com.

Marie-Eve Levasseur, Cognibox Training Manager
Marie-Eve Levasseur, Cognibox Training Manager

Passionate and results-oriented, Marie-Eve thrives on challenges. Her priority focus: client satisfaction. To deliver optimal solutions and surpass client expectations, she draws on the complementary skills and input of each of the members of her team. Marie-Eve began her career in the hospitality industry and boasts sound logistics and project management experience. She is particularly skilled at transposing finer details onto a broader operating canvas. Her insatiable drive to learn and excel has enabled her to move up quickly in company ranks. She now manages all aspects of online training program design for our e-learning component. Marie-Eve exemplifies our company’s core values: unity of purpose, consideration, passion, creativity and a touch of madness indeed combine to shape her every action.

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