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Contractor Visibility: Doing the (digital) Right Thing

If you’re running multiple sites, maybe across several regions, you already know – hiring and managing potentially thousands of contractors who are..
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Sourcing and Managing Contractors who are Credible, Safe, and Compliant

How do you find a contractor with the right experience and skills, and that you can trust? This has become an increasing dilemma for organizations,..
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ESG Adoption and your Business’ Image and Reputation

Name a business that doesn’t want to enhance productivity, increase growth, attract talent and reduce operational costs.
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How your ESG performance creates value

Managing your operations without compromising on safety, sustainability and ethics can make all the difference to your reputation and your bottom..
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Global Supply Chain Risks and Regulations 2023: Be Compliant, Not Complacent

If businesses have learnt one thing since 2020, being complacent while navigating choppy waters is not an option. Doing nothing gives rise to more..
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Is Forced Labor Closer Than You Think in Your Supply Chain?

It only takes one unethical supplier to damage your brand, and even for those with the best intentions, sadly, modern slavery and forced labor..
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Why risk analysis and risk management is important for your business

Occupational health, employee safety and profitability require enterprise risk management
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5 steps for a good integrated contractor management program

Good management of external contractors in a company goes beyond the fact of entrusting a part of its activities (manufacturing, transportation,..
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3 Pain Points Resolved by Effective Supplier Communication

Whether you’re overseeing a small team in a low-risk environment or managing a large pool of workers on a huge construction site, effective supplier..
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Supply Chain Management - A Key Approach For Product Distribution

You need to ship a large amount of product from point A to point B. Seems simple enough, right?Well, we only need to look at the great toilet paper..
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