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PACME and the Importance of Taking This Time to Train


As we experience the shock and feeling of a lack of control during this pandemic, it is important for us to try and find the silver lining. What was the purpose of this happening? Is there a lesson to learn from this? Was there even a reason?

Some have said that a positive outlook from this crisis is that people are slowing down, spending more time with their loved ones (safely while practicing social distancing) and getting to take a breather from their hectic lives. While this may be a true benefit, as well as many abandoned kitchen appliances finally getting the love and attention that they deserve, will this slowdown affect people’s career motivation? The only answer that we have right now is that we do not know, but that we hope not. Instead of deciphering the reason for this crisis, a more productive question would be: What can we do to stay on-track and goal-oriented?

In addition to the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy  (that covers 75% of employee wages for businesses that have seen at least a 30% decline in revenue) and the Canada Emergency Benefit ($2,000 per month to eligible workers for four months), the Quebec provincial government is now trying to help businesses keep their employees motivated and excited for post-COVID-19 times. They have developed the PACME program, where businesses can promote training and the execution of effective human resources management practices. Each qualifying company can receive up to $100,000 and projects will be accepted until September 30, 2020 or until the $100 million budget has been spent. This program will be a game changer for businesses as well as the post-COVID-19 economy.

Why is training so crucial during this pandemic?

In addition to the physical and educational competencies that will surely benefit each individual, as well as the business that they work for, there is an indelible emotional gain. This funding helps bring hope for a stronger future and gives employees the opportunity to feel useful and able. This opportunity to strive for betterment demonstrates the confidence that the provincial government not only has in the economy rebounding from this crisis, but also in the ability of the population. It lets us know that they are not just looking to help us survive the current chaos, but also investing in our potential to thrive. It is the word ‘potential’ that strikes a chord with us. The idea that even when we are capable of overcoming an obstacle on our own, we are accompanied by an invisible cheerleader supporting us throughout.

While the psychological benefits are paramount to helping us manage this pandemic, we cannot discount the educational betterment that this PACME program will bring. During this economic slowdown period, it is important to stay sharp, stay motivated and fine-tune or improve your competencies. This is our chance to take a step back and revise the projects and qualifications that we have not had the chance to tackle due to a lack of time or other resources. Businesses are being given the greenlight to heighten their employees’ expertise at no-cost. It is a win-win for everybody, as the government views this as an investment in our workforce and future. This is our time to invest in ourselves and our roles. We have the time to polish our skills, which will let us shine brighter and stronger. We should jump at the chance without looking back.

During this pandemic, at Cognibox, one of the solutions that we have created to help is a web conference option for our in-person trainings. Through E-Learning and Zoom, we can offer our trainings and evaluations to ensure proper qualification of your employees during this economic slowdown period. 

In addition to the free resources that we have been offering since the beginning of the crisis, we wanted to figure out a way to work alongside the government and maximize your post-Coronavirus operations. This mission led us to create a new training package that includes a charity component for both us and the consumer.

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