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Contractor Management: The next big thing is work management

Written by Olivier Voyer, Eng., PMP November 04, 2019

Like many other businesses, you have established a contractor management policy that adds a great deal of value to your due diligence. You have successfully implemented a solution to facilitate the way you qualify your contractors and monitor their employees. You require them to take your induction training so they are knowledgeable about the specifics of your sites.

But you are also well aware that to cover all the risks associated with the kinds of work that are carried out on your site, you need to take far more criteria into account and verify other requirements. Someone once said, “No one should ever lose their life while earning their living.” Sharing this conviction, you are determined to go to the next level and take your prevention efforts further.

But where to begin?


3 Main Criteria to Validate When an Employee Comes to Your Site

  • Is the company that the employee works for qualified under your health and safety standards?
  • Does the employee have a planned task on your site today?
  • Does the employee have all the required training, based on the characteristics of the work they will perform?


How a Work Management Tool Can Help

A work management tool lets you create tasks and specify the requirements for the work delegated to a qualified company. This allows you to clearly communicate to the contractor your criteria for each task so as to verify in advance that the employees assigned are suitable for it in terms of training, equipment, etc.

Imagine that the water pipes at one of your plants need to be repaired. The work management tool allows you to set a completion date and clarify the specifics of the task. For example, will the workers be exposed to hazardous substances? What is the work environment: confined space, work at height, etc.? What PPE will be required? This way the preselected—in other words, qualified—company can easily access the task requirements and check whether its employees have the training required to perform it.

A work management tool ensures not only that the company is qualified on the basis of your requirements, but also that contractors’ employees who come to your sites are in compliance with the requirements of the task to be carried out. Better yet, a good system allows you to make sure that the worker who arrives at your gate has a task planned for that specific date, which, by extension, allows you to secure your site.




Grow and Mature

By including work management in your contractor management process, you can add a lot of value to your due diligence, because you can be certain that employees who come to your sites have all the required competencies to do the work you have hired them for. And by confirming the compliance of workers, you reduce the risk of accident.

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Olivier Voyer, Eng., PMP
Olivier Voyer, Eng., PMP

Agile Project Manager at Cognibox since 2016, Olivier is passionate about innovation, technology, process improvement and team development. A computer engineer by training and holder of PMP and PSM certifications, he has been working in IT for more than 15 years. He has been actively involved in the development of many applications used by hundreds of companies around the world. Olivier is known for his always very humane management approach and his ability to rally together the various stakeholders of the projects on which he works. His experience in project management and team development gives him an excellent vision of the various technical and human challenges facing today's companies.

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