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Anne-Sophie Tétreault, Eng.

Anne-Sophie joined Cognibox in 2016, and brings 25 years’ expertise to help clients integrate health & safety, security, environment, and quality in company strategies. This helps achieve business goals, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction. Anne-Sophie’s career began as a Project Engineer for Molson-Coors. She joined QMI as a Lead Auditor for the ISO14001 (environmental management) standard rollout in Canada, auditing also for 9001 (quality management) many sectors from forestry to aerospace. Anne-Sophie developed an integrated and digitized Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) management system for VIA Rail. With her thorough knowledge of management systems and her Lean Master Certification, she transformed HSSEQ systems at Bombardier Transportation and Air Liquide, and joined Cognibox from Voith Hydro, where she was responsible for the OHSAS 18001-ISO 9001-14001 certification, as well as Risk Management & Continuous Improvement.

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