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The 20th annual Mining Health and Safety Conference


Themed “Building a strong health and safety culture,” the 20th annual Mining Health and Safety Conference hosted by Workplace Safety North, will be held in Sudbury from April 17 to 19, 2018. Each year, about 300 attendees gather to learn and share their knowledge about mining health and safety, and network with industry professionals. Key areas of focus for presentations include:

  • Research and innovation
  • Mine rescue
  • Safety culture and management systems
  • Workplace well-being and mental health
  • Hazards specific to underground work

Source : Mining Health and Safety Conference

Using intelligent technology to protect contractors and install a safety culture Conference

Our expert in HSSEQ Compliance & Risk Management Processes, Anne-Sophie Tetreault will present a Conference entitled “Using intelligent technology to protect contractors and instill a safety culture”

Throughout this presentation, guests will learn that by building a culture of safety and implementing advanced technologies, corporations in the mining industry have made significant progress in reducing employee fatalities and severe injuries. Workers employed by mines are also often contractors, do not benefit as much as the employees from total immersion in their safety culture, nor do they benefit from a company’s communications, and technological systems. As a result, severe on-site injury and fatalities continue to pose major threat to contractors. Mining corporations can make their culture of safety more robust and inclusive by adapting and applying their approach to contractors.

Attendees will learn how they can adapt the approach to reduce their employees’ injury and fatalities, to also improve contractor safety and security onsite.

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