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Technology Partnership with Women in Governance's 2018

Company Plans to Promote Diversity through its Contractor Qualification Platform with 8,000 Users

Cognibox today announced that it would play a greater role in promoting female representation in leadership roles in Canada, through an enhanced partnership with Women in Governance. The company will leverage its technology and client base to support growth of Gender Parity Certification.

Cognibox has been a partner of Women in Governance since the inception of their Gender Parity Certification program in 2017. The certification seeks to boost the representation of women in decision-making roles in Canadian companies with more than 400 employees. Cognibox has committed to strongly position gender parity and diversity through its corporate qualification platform, which focuses on ensuring suppliers and contractors of major companies meet certain requirements.

This innovative certification fits well with Cognibox's existing certifications which cover health and safety, and environment and sustainable development. Cognibox sees this as a natural evolution of its platform to reflect a growing need around diversity, and it will provide a great opportunity for its clients to demonstrate their leadership in this area.

"As CEO of a majority-female-owned company, Cognibox's commitment to gender parity is very important to me," said Chantal Trépanier, President and Chief Executive Officer of SIM / Cognibox. "It will be imperative for us to ensure diversity has a strong place among the other certifications. I am convinced that our clients will see a tangible opportunity here to move from words to action. Our aim as a partner in the program is to help our major Canadian clients in this move toward change and to maximize the benefits as quickly as possible."

National applications for 2018 Parity Certification can be submitted from March 8 to 31, 2018, by companies with more than 400 employees. Further information is available at https://www.lagouvernanceaufeminin.org/en/certification/.


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