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Finkl Steel chooses Cognibox as Contractor’s Management Software

Cognibox announces that Finkl Steel, also known as Les Forges de Sorel, is now using its Web-based contractor’s management solution.

Cognibox implementation confirms Finkl Steel’s commitment to continuously improve their practices and to ensure the organization conducts business with top performing contractors in sustainable development and occupational health and safety.

This world's leading supplier of steels forging joins other Cognibox metallurgical customers such as Rio Tinto, Elkem, Alcoa and Alouette. With such great players, Cognibox proves its reputation in this sector and became a logical choice for Finkl Steel. Cognibox simplifies the contractors’ management compliance’s process by adapting to Finkl Steel’s values and specificities.

Cognibox enables Finkl Steel to complete all contractors’ qualification processes online using a single platform. Its modules’ functions include archiving, validation, alerts, information and documents sharing among the various departments. It also allows Finkl Steel to centralize and archive the training files of all contractors’ employees, regardless of where the training took place or which organization provided the training.


Finkl Steel

Finkl Steel is the world's leading supplier of forging die steels, plastic mold steels, die casting tool steels and custom open-die forgings. Finkl Steel manufactures their products at three production facilities in Chicago, Detroit and Quebec. Finkl Steel distributes domestically and to 18 countries worldwide. With more than 100 patents, their steel formulations and steelmaking technologies set worldwide standards. In recognition of Finkl Steel's product quality, their facilities were the first in America to receive ISO 9000 certification. For more information, visit finkl.com.


A Canadian leader in risk management and contractor compliance, Cognibox offers one of the most flexible and comprehensive solutions on the market. Over 125 customers in North America use Cognibox to manage contractor risks specific to their sector of activity. The company’s solution provides a combination of expertise, software and training, as well as a full spectrum of outsourcing services and administrative support. Our recently published white paper offers an in-depth insight into the Cognibox solution and details best practices for managing contractor compliance in an efficient, secure and cost-effective manner.

The Cognibox community currently boasts over 200 000 members, contractors and employees of contractors, enabling hiring organizations to work with top industry contractors and suppliers in areas such as workplace health and safety, the environment, sustainable development, quality and regulatory compliance. To learn more, visit cognibox.com.

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