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Shawinigan will be the first city to join Cognibox community for its contractors qualification

shawinigan première ville cognibox

Shawinigan leads the way as the first city in Quebec to implement a management and qualification process for its contractors. The city of Shawinigan has chosen the Cognibox solution from SIM.

Already used by over fifty international operators, Cognibox is an online platform, a real market place used for contractor qualification, based on occupational health and safety, environment, sustainable development, regulatory and administrative compliance.

The city of Shawinigan will use the Cognibox platform in order to comply with the new legislative requirements and restrictions related to municipal contracts granting.

SIM adapted Cognibox and resolved the contractor qualification issues specific to the municipal sector, allowing cities and municipalities to meet the new requirements imposed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. Cities now have the obligation to show a maximum of transparency when granting municipal contracts. The new requirements cover the construction contract regulation of municipal agencies, the Quebec building code and the granting of public contracts with regards to restricted licenses, the law governing public organization contracts relating to corruption as well as the amendment to the electoral law concerning electoral fraud.

«The Cognibox implementation in Shawinigan city has started and the process of contractor qualification will take place over the next few months. Our goal is to help both the small and the big municipal organizations. We are very proud that the city in which our head office is located is the first one to take the step. We are currently discussing Cognibox implementation and the transparent qualification of contractors with several other cities.» Says Chantal Trepanier, CEO of SIM.

The city of Shawinigan demonstrates its leadership by showing the importance it gives not only to a transparent contract attribution process but a concern for the health and safety of its workers and those of its contractors, the environment and sustainable development.

Bernard St-Onge
Marketing Manager, SIM

Phone : 819-536-5653.

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