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Cargill, AgHorizons Canada will Manage their Contractors and Subcontractors all Across Canada Through Cognibox

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Cognibox is proud to announce a partnership with Cargill AgHorizons Canada, as an initiative to improve their subcontractor’s health and safety all across Canada. In fact, Cargill AgHorizons Canada will rely on the Cognibox online system for the management of their contractor and subcontractor’s qualification. This secured platform will help evaluate the qualifications to ensure that Cargill’s environmental, health and safety policies and procedures, in terms of liability, as well as Canadian regulatory legal requirements are rigorously respected.

Within the next few months, Cognibox will play an important role in the implementation of the best subcontractor’s management practices at Cargill AgHorizons Canada. From now on, in order to perform work at the Canadian sites, subcontractors will have to be approved by Cargill AgHorizons Canada through the Cognibox™ system.

This partnership highlights the importance for Cargill to do business with the best suppliers and to ensure the safety of all workers, not only from qualifying the companies, but also by monitoring the trainings and qualifications of their employees.

Cargill AgHorizons Canada will use Cognibox for the management of their subcontractors on their 61 sites distributed across Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Cargill is an international producer and distributer of food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services. Established in 1865, Cargill stands among the world’s most important corporations with a turnover exceeding 130 billion dollars. Cargill employs 143 000 people in 67 countries.


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