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Brunswick Mine is the Sixth Canadian Glencore Site to Join Cognibox for Contractor Management

brunswick glencore

Less than a month after Glencore Matagami site joined Cognibox, it is now Glencore Brunswick mine’s turn to proceed with the implementation of Cognibox. The Brunswick mine site will be the sixth Glencore Canadian site to use Cognibox to ensure an efficient contractors management. Cognibox, contractor management on-line tool, will allow contractors and suppliers to save a significant amount of time linked to qualification management.

In the next months, Contractors working for Glencore Brunswick mine will have to be qualified in Cognibox, a multi-facet system which allows not only for pre-selection/qualification of Contractors but also to comply with the health and safety training courses required to ensure ongoing management of the specific risks related to the work performed. Qualification accounts include, among others, administrative and environment aspects, quality, health and safety and sustainable development.

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