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Baie-Comeau Resolute Forest Products Joins Cognibox for Contractor Management

We are proud to announce that Baie-Comeau Resolute Forest Products plant is proceeding with the implementation of Cognibox to ensure an efficient management of its contractors. COGNIBOX, an on-line tool, will allow contractors and suppliers to save a significant amount of time linked to qualification management. Concretely in the next couple months, nearly 300 contractors will qualify for Resolute Baie-Comeau. COGNIBOX is a multi-facet system which allows not only for pre-selection/qualification of contractors but also to look at the health and safety trainings of their employees as well as to make risk analysis. Qualification accounts include, among others, administrative and environment aspects, quality, health and safety and sustainable development.

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COGNIBOX is an on-line management system which enables for contractor qualification management. By proposing a wide and diversified spectrum of functionalities, often developed from the clients’ needs and suggestions, COGNIBOX   becomes an optimisation tool linked to requirements in health and safety, environment and quality, productivity and general company performance. COGNIBOX is a registered trademark of SIM. The MANUFACTURIERS EXPORTATEURS DU QUEBEC (MEQ) has associated itself with SIM to promote the implantation of this system within all of the Quebec business community.

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Founded in 1972, SIM is a pioneer in training and management services offered to enterprise. Throughout the years since then, SIM’s experienced multidiscipline team has carved out for itself an outstanding reputation for excellence and, importantly, for success in the achievement of   its projects. SIM is now, the most important occupational health & safety training firm in Quebec, with more than 4000 workers trained each month. Constantly on the lookout for new, more efficient solutions adapted to client needs, SIM is recognized for its novel approach, resting on numerous partnerships with large, medium and small enterprises.

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