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Cognibox is Now Directly Linked to the IOC Gatehouse at Labrador City for Automated Control of Contractor Site Access

Proper training to perform work with IOC

The addition to the Cognibox contractor management system of a management module for automated access to the IOC gatehouse at Labrador City has been in the works since March 2013 and will be operational in July 2013. Indeed, IOC, which already uses Cognibox for subcontractor management and qualification, has chosen to add the “gatehouse link” module developed by SIM to complement SETA (the module that enables safety and environmental task analysis in connection with a place on the site and subcontractor workers) to its Labrador City site.

IOC’s objective is “to improve contractor health and safety by ensuring that all contractors have the proper training to perform work at the IOC Labrador site”. With this “linked to Cognibox” automation of the gatehouse access control process, communication between the two systems will verify the identity of all contractors before allowing them to access the site.

The improvements to the Cognibox system are user friendly and will enable IOC to communicate to contractors clearly and in a timely manner all requirements of the work entrusted to them, so that they can be adequately prepared before their arrival, in terms of training, PPE, procedures and best practices. If a contractor is not properly registered in the Cognibox system, he will not be allowed to access the site.

This approach is intended to give access to successful contractors with the right training to do the right job at the right time.

About SIM

SIM is the creator of Cognibox, online software for competences and qualifications of subcontractors’ management.  Acting as a market place making the link between entrepreneurs and order givers, Cognibox ensures that all workers present on the order giver’s work site meets the regulations and internal policies with regards to health and safety, professional skills, environmental protection,  as well as for regulatory compliances.  Cognibox brings together more than 3,000 companies and 80,000 workers and is also used by the sub-contractors to manage their employee’s training. SIM is also the leader in health and safety training in Quebec with more than 4,000 workers educated each month. For more information visit www.simexperts.com

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