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Focus to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Contractor Management Solution


A third party risk management solution should make allowance for critical aspects, namely worker safety and risk management. Here are three elements to determine whether the software that you are considering truly stands out from comparable rival offerings.

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Focus on Safety and Training

  • Does the solution allow you to analyse project-related risks? Work and operating sites require varying qualifications and precautionary action. Your software package should provide support material for contractors and allow you to caution them respecting potential project-related hazards.
  • Does the software solution experts provide advice on sectoral best practices, notably in matters of occupational health and safety (OHS)? A good solution must be able to educate users.
  • Is the software solution secure? It is essential that the solution be secure to safeguard your data and avoid any leakage of confidential data.
  • Does the software allow you to map out worker training going forward? This functionality will enable you to monitor contractor employees effectively, and ensure that they are properly qualified and trained to carry out the work assigned to them.
  • Does the solution include an e-learning module? As workers are often on the road or on different sites, e-learning training allows workers - quickly, remotely and using the computerized device of their choosing - to check out the training required to complete the tasks assigned to them.


Focus on Contractor Risk Management

Any excellent software package will also include safety and environmental task analysis capability. This analysis allows the client corporations to assess the risks specific to the tasks at hand.

The software must allow the organization to detail the controls that it would like to see the contractor implement to manage the risks identified: good practices, standardized operating procedures, requisite work permits, personal protective equipment (PPE) and special training requirements, if any.

A “link to gate” can also be incorporated into the system as well to control incoming and outgoing employee movements. This functionality enhances safety and security, helps prevent accidents, and controls access to work sites by authorizing only those employees with the requisite qualifications.


Focus on Your Needs

Any contractor management solution should provide for savings of time and money from the moment it is implemented. To do so, the solution must be:

  • User-friendly, flexible and customizable
  • Compatible with existing infrastructure
  • Customized to organizational specifics
  • Include functionalities relevant to you, others departments and your company


For optimal effectiveness and to provide for the broadest use possible of your chosen solution, be sure you will have a team of experts to help you at the implementation stage and as required thereafter. You will then be certain, at all times, that you have a solution which fully meets your needs and expectations.

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