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Sylvain Ricard

At Cognibox since 2018, Sylvain has more than 30 years of experience in team management and in IT. Sylvain’s career begins as a programmer-analyst for the Canadian division of Sara-Lee Corporation and is involved in multiple projects in Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. He then held the role of national project manager at Abitibi-Consolidated (now Resolute Forest Products) then technology coordinator at Aleris, an international aluminum transformation company, and was Vice-President Operations and Shareholder at Epsilia, a firm specialized in management and production automation software. As a natural leader focused on results and endowed with a good work ethic, Sylvain ensures that his team has the expertise, skills and means necessary to deliver innovative, quality E-Learning projects that meet customer expectations.

COVID-19 and the Unavoidable Shift to E-Learning Training

In recent years, companies had already adopted e-learning training as a new avenue to train and develop the skills of their employees. This type..
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